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I just moved into a new home and there are a few trees that need cut down. I am currently cutting down some Shagbark Hickory trees and this bug is all over the trees. We live in Western Pennsylvania. Could you please tell me what it is and if it is harmful? Please see the attached pictures.
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Hi Neal,
Judging by the mating activity evident in your photo, you might soon have a new generation of Painted Hickory Borers, Megacyllene caryae. They attack hickory, black walnut, butternut, osage orange and mulberry. The female lays eggs after cutting deep pits in the bark. Larva bore inward and pupate under bark. Adults emerge in the spring.

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  1. I have hickory borors mating all over my twisted baby locust tree, I have never seem them here before and I am all about organic treatments and gardening. Not sure what to do? here in Colorado that is!

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