Crazy aggressive spider??
I live in Southern California and today as I was walking through my kitchen this bug charged out to the middle of the floor to within 6 inches of my foot and raised up two front legs and acted very aggressively. I backed up a step and the bug pursued me (I first thought it was a scorpion). I captured it and looked at it closer. It has 8 legs, two large antennae (look more like legs) and at least 4 large black fangs. I think it is a spider of some kind but it has kind of a cricket like abdomen. Anything I put in front of the bug is immediately acted aggressively upon and bitten. What is this thing?? I have sent along a picture. My wife is freaking out 🙂
Thanks for your help

Hi Colby,
Had you scrolled a little way down our homepage, you would have found a recent letter with a photo of a Solpugid, also known as a Sun Spider or a Wind Scorpion, though they are neither spiders nor scorpions, but related to both. They are without venom, and are harmless unless you are small enough to be prey, in which case their aggressive behavior would quickly dispatch anything in their paths. If you really want to freak out your wife, click the solpugid link in the alphabatized list on the left of the homepage to see a Middle Eastern relative of our puny Southern California family representative. These monsters are known as Camel Spiders and we have an amazing photo with an equally amazing letter.

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