Leaf-Footed Bug

Orange Bug – now BIG black bug I had emailed a few weeks ago about some small orangish bugs with black dots along it’s tail end — you had suggested they might be asassin bugs…..NOW – – I just got back from vacation and found these bad boys on my tomato plants….no more of the … Read more

Plant Bug

ID, plant bug? Hi, Daniel. You were so helpful with the last mystery bug, I wonder if you could help me with this one. Finding it on my cukes and celery. About 1/4″ long. Any ideas? Cheers. Amanda Hi Amanda, I’m afraid we can’t be much more accurate than you have already been. It is … Read more

Costa Rican Coreid or Chincha

Costa Rican bug Hi Bugman Congratulations for your excellent website! Don’t know if you can also help me with some Central American bug… There is a bug in Costa Rica whose droppings are extremely acid, causing severe skin irritations: the spot first turns red, then blue the next day and then all the skin far … Read more

House Centipede

photo of house centipede in case you might like to use it. thanks for your helpful site! Jana Thanks Jana, It is one of the best photos for identification we have received of this terrifying, to so many people, and fascinating creature.