Type of bug eating the leaves of my tree?
The attached picture of these little bugs that are eating the leaves of one type of tree I have. They are about the size of your little finger’s nail. They are only attacking this one type of tree I have, not sure what kind of tree it is, but I have Elms and Oaks and they don’t mess with them. This tree is very large, probably about 4 foot in diameter. I’ve been constantly spraying the trunk up to about 12 feet up and so far are controlling them…but my neighbor has the same kind of tree and they are in it too but he’s too lazy to spray them. I cannot find any evidence of the bugs borrowing out of the bark, I can’t find any holes anywhere, but the bark is very coarse. Any idea what these bugs are or how to better controll them?
Robert Downey

Dear Robert,
We wanted to be sure about the identity of your beetles, so we wrote to Eric Eaton who quickly responded: “Well, if they are from the U.S., then they are leaf beetles in the genus Calligrapha, family Chrysomelidae. All bets are off if they are from outside North America north of Mexico:-) Neat insects.

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  1. christine says:

    yep! those are 6 spotted asiatic dayflower beetles (Neolema sexpunctata). i live in the city & i literally have no yard – just a sidewalk & then the street – so i appreciate my asiatic dayflowers that live in the sidewakl & these little buggers r putting holes all throughout my asiatic dayflowers! ugh! but i have cats/dogs so i don’t want to put anything toxic on the beetles.

  2. Deborah Shepler says:

    Will my tree survive these beetles and how can i make it healthy. It is very young

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