Weird Spider of Aruba DWI
While working at the Met equipments at the Airport we found a weird spider. Its a bit bigger than a black widow, and its body is more built than a black widow. We found black widows (common in Aruba) too hidden in dark areas, but this one had its nest (not a like a regular spider web) sitting on an instrument metal box cover, with barely any shade. Therefore I assume that the spider does not seem to care much about sunlight. The meteorological equipments are at the runway of the airport. If anybody recognizes this spider, I will appreciate it. We need to add a couple of stuffs again to the Met site, so I’ll see if its still there and get a better pic.
ps. Aruba is hot and humid year round and the airport is near the sea.

Hi Marck,
It is difficult to tell exactly, but your photo resembles a female Giant Crab Spider, Family Sparassidae, which included the Huntsman Spider, Heteropoda venatoria. They are mostly tropical spiders that do not make webs. Females care for the egg sac which is, I believe, what you have seen. They hide by day and hunt by night.

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