Help, gross bugs
I’m hoping you can identify these two bugs for me. The small brown and tan ones are suddenly everywhere in my house, but mostly in my kitchen drawers and in the bathtub. The black and red ones are just mean looking, and these two were found dead in the bathtub, although I have seen them around other areas of the house. We live in an old farmhouse, and am hoping you are not going to tell me they are eating my house!!
Stockton, IL

Hi Paula,
Your small beetle is a type of Pantry Beetle, but we will write to Eric Eaton for more information. He just got back and writes: “The other is the larder beetle, Dermestes lardarius, a frequent pest of stored, dried meat if I recall correctly.”

Wonderful. Thank you. We just found a bunch of cat food that had been pushed under the microwave cabinet, so we are going to clean that up along with getting rid of some “trophys” that my sons and husbands have hanging, hopefully that will take care of the problem. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

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  1. Pam N says:

    Over the past two months we began finding these around our house. We have cleaned the house from top to bottom. If these bugs are attracted to water this could have been what attracted them to our house when we had a shower leak. We’ve now caulked around the shower, are making sure we wipe up well after showers, (etc..) and also had a repairman fix the leaky shower head.
    Is there any spray or anything that would be ‘extra’ efficient? I would appreciate any feedback.


    Pam N
    Anchorage, AK

    #waterbeetles #solutionstobugproblem #ridmyhouseofbugs

    • Linda says:

      I have been asking the same questions. They also go after dry food esp dog food
      I have tried the same things you did. I did see some spray on Amazon but no good reviews. If you find out let me know. Thanks

  2. I just discovers these bugs.
    They were just crawling in the floor.
    It says they get in food. I never saw one in food.
    What if I ate one? yuk

  3. Jack says:

    Do these larder beetles bite humans? My son is being bitten every night and we have found no site of bed bugs.
    We are going crazy trying to figure this out, doing laundry, cleaning, fogging, and more!
    After fogging, this is the only bug I found dead and found a live one on the couch this morning.

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