Argiope with Prey

No questions, just thought you might enjoy this picture Elizabeth Norman Thanks for the image of the feeding Argiope Elizabeth.

Grain Weevil

Please help to identify bugs Hi. We have what seems like a million of these little black bugs, primarily in our finished basement. They are tiny – you can see next to the penny a comparison- but less than 1/8 inch. There are tons of them, though. We find them dead and alive. They have … Read more

Plasterer Bees

need help identifying a bug Help! We must have 100’s of what looks like anthills in our yard , but instead of ants coming out of them, we have these flying insects. They are good flyers and at this point, about 1 cm. Photo 2 is the whole creature and 1 is a close up … Read more

Arrow-Headed Flatworm

Dear Mr. Bugman, I cannot say how much I love your site. I have three pics for you, I hope that’s ok? The first is a decent picture of a marbled orb weaver (I recognized it from your site), I just thought you might enjoy the picture. The other two are of a weird, weird … Read more

Wood Boring Beetle

what this bug Attached please find a photo of a flying insect i found enjoying the spring sunshine around my woodpile. the wings are hard to see but they can fly. they crawl very fast. can you tell what they are? thank you jason sagerman Hi Jason, This is one of the Long Horned Borer … Read more

Fishing Spider

Very Large Spider in Garage Hello, I was getting my lawn mower out of the garage this morning and came across this big guy. Can you please Identify and let me know if it’s dangerous? Thank You. Michael Hi Michael Though startlingly large, spiders from the genus Dolomedes, commonly known as Fishing Spiders, are harmless. … Read more