What this bug?
Hello there,
I was wondering if you could help me identify this annoyance in our household. I’ve had absolutely no luck with other sites. I’ve attached a picture for you take a look. Most of these bugs were sited by old heaters in our basement apartment. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Rob,
You have Firebrats, Thermodia domestica, a type of Silverfish. It is a domestic species recognized by the mottled pattern. It frequents warm and even hot places, often in boiler rooms and near heaters. This habit leads to its common name.

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  1. AlexW, extreme entomophile says:

    I know you may not see this while on holiday, but here it is:

    This silverfish is Thermobia domestica, the firebrat. Bugguide’s identification section says:

    “oblong/elongate yellowish body with dark brown bands and mottled spots on the dorsal surface; stout-bodied (abdomen relatively broad-tipped and often shorter than thorax, giving an overall “chunky” appearance)”

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