Cicada Killer? Photos included
We saw this wasp in Vermont on a camping trip in August 2004. It appeared on a large rock. For whatever reason, it did not fly. It was very slow moving, and it stayed in the same spot for a few days. "Cicada Killer" is the first thing that came to mind, but when i got home and looked on the internet I could not find a matching photo. This specimen has white markings, not yellow. It’s thorax and head are black, not brownish. And the legs and antennae are yellow and black. This was the largest wasp/hornet i’ve ever seen. I would say it was close to 2 inches. Can you shed some light as to it’s identity? Thank you for your time.
– Mike V.

Hi Mike,
We wrote to Eric Eaton and he just responded: “My chief suspect is a cimbicid sawfly, Cimbex americana, family Cimbicidae. Behavior fits, as they are slow-moving. They can approach an inch in size, but do not sting. Can bite, though.” Two inches seems rather large and possibly not entirely accurate.

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