Baby spiders, bee, grasshopper
Hi! Thought you might enjoy these pix of: newly hatched linx spiders (hard to tell on small picture, but when I zoom in they look just like Mom), cute bee (maybe you can ID this one?), and a big grasshopper on a cactus. Thanks for the wonderful site.
Best Wishes,
Donna in San Diego

Hi Donna,
Thanks for the images of the Green Lynx Spiderlings. Your bee is a common Honey Bee, Apis mellifera and your grasshopper is a Gray Bird Grasshopper, Schistocerca nitens. The females can grow to 2 1/2 inches in length or larger.

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  1. SJCarras says:

    Large grasshopper. I live in Whiuttier, Calif.and saw a smaller, of those bird hoppers.
    The legless lizards I wasn’t really familiar with..the bug Ragga also linked to was really impressive..that hopper’s OBVIOUSLY a female by the shape of front and the length….

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