I need help identifying a bug please The bug in the attached photo hitch hiked a ride into my home on a cowhide drum that appears to be from Africa. So far it doesn’t seem to have spread anywhere except the hyde on the drum. Should I be worried? Thanks for your help,
Frank Dottore

Hi Frank,
You should have the cowhide drum professionally dealt with since you have Carpet Beetles, a type of Dermestid Beetle. They will eat wool rugs and all types of animal hide. They are pests in museums where they do serious damage to collections. They might infest other edibles in your home.

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  1. Vickie Graves says:

    Parasite or Bugs from Cow Hide My Friend got them after buying a cowhide at a road side sale . White worm like thing and got under her skin. Please tell what can be done !!!

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