what is THIS?
HI there, I know winter and spring bring all sorts of things into the home but ive never come across this typ of insect. They have been in every room in my home and im really concerned because i have a 2 week old baby. It looks like it may have a stinger???
Angie, Windham,NH

Clean out the Pantry Angie,
You have a species of Grain Weevil. They won’t sting, but they will eat grain products you keep in the kitchen.

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  1. Stefanie sands says:

    This came in so handy. I had deer feed in the garage and went to open a plastic bin, and there were tons of them. How did they or do they get into a sealed container? How do they originate? I still see some crawling around. Do they bite? They are kind of hard to kill. They are tiny suckers.

    Thank you

  2. Katie says:

    I feel relieved after reading this!! Found lil dark pest and thought I had my first bed bugs. They were in utility room and first spotted on just dried sheets.
    Then many were in stored grocery bag.as I got all my saved grocery bags out,theres was a partial bag of bird seed hiding and omg.200 plus in it with tiny hole puntures all in it.We set off a bug bomb in the room.Sure glad it’s weevils and not bed bugs.thanks for your help

  3. Dave says:

    I too found a bag of these little beetles in cracked corn we’re using for filler along with sun flower seed.
    Walmart and there Suppliers can KNOWINGLY send infested products across the country. Where’s the Warning label? (May contain Weevils)
    Thanks for the infestation in my house Walmart!

  4. Cwilkinson says:

    How in the world do you get rid of them?
    You can answer everything but how to get rid of them.
    Can we spray bug spray?

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