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Hello from Trinidad and Tobago
Just blogged your site for OpenDepth.com, and you should get some more viewers that way… 2 reasons for writing. You’re providing an invaluable service, and I’m going to thank you. Because of your site I was able to identify one spider (I forget it’s name) that’s called a tailless scorpion or something… Scared the hell out of me when I was cleaning the yard last year! 🙂 Harmless, and it’s still around. You might find some of these pictures useful: you’re free to use them. Some of them I have no idea of what they are (like the ones near the carilee), but the majority look like stinkbugs – colorful. The Jack Spaniard is very common here. Your site is reaching the size where a content management system might help you – save you and users time, etc. I don’t know how savvy you folks are, but I would suggest Drupal (http://www.drupal.org ) when the next release comes out. I think your site has grown to a level where, though obviously a labor of love, it might become limiting to you and others. Drupal’s free to use and install. It’s open source. You can do it yourself if you want – and if you run into problems, there are a lot of people who can help. It doesn’t hurt to look. And it could help you get the site to pay for itself by making information easier to find. Good luck, and please keep up the good work. I just thought you might like to consider those ideas.
Taran Rampersad
Presently in: San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

Hi Taran,
Until our current webhost, who is managing things for us, kicks us to the curb, we are going to keep the status quo, but thanks for the advice. We love your local name for your Polistes Paper Wasp. Do you know the origin of Jack Spaniard?

Speculation: Probably something along the lines of ‘stings like a Spaniard’, especially in a former Spanish and then English colony. Trinidad and Tobago has quite a mix in names because of it’s mixed past. I believe that they call it the same in Guyana. Perhaps it’s a British colonial name for an insect that stings pretty aggressively.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Trinidad and Tobago

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  1. Carey says:

    Yes, I remember these nasty wasps, and I lived there for 6 years. A very large paper wasp that nested in the mangroves. We happened to live at Sapphire beach in the USVI. We all worked there as contractors and engineers. On our days off we always played Frisbee or disc golf all around the hotel and complex. This involved shooting though the mangroves.
    Errant shots there were very bad. To recover our disc and ego, we had to recover it.
    If you got close to a nest, each one would come out and sting you 4 or 5 times each. If this happens, you go home, have a large rum and soda and go to bed.
    They are as bad as a scorpion sting.
    Thanks, this is only one out of thousands of experiences I had there. I could rival Herman Wouk with some of them.

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