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Please help me identify this bug !!!
hi there !! I’ve caught two bugs here but i can’t find their family name , genus, order and scientific name … i came across your website today and was wondering whether you can help me identify them ?? thanks alot .. !!! sorry i forgot to tell you that im writing from kuala lumpur , malaysia. i caught the stick-like insect near a pond somewhere around my house. it camouflages itself n looks like a grass. while the other bug was caught from a place call genting highlands. i found it in a carpark near a hotel. i think it came from the forest somewhere near the hotel. thanks alot. your help is very much appreciated. if you cant identify them then its ok.

Hi Angeline,
We thought Eric might be more help with the beetle. I thought it might be a Cerambycid, one of the Long-Horned Borers, but Eric is not convinced. Hope that helps.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

2 Responses to Longhorn from Kuala Lumpur: Eyryphagus lundii

  1. EBM says:

    This is indeed a cerambycid beetle, namely Eyryphagus lundii. At least, the photo of “Beetles of Thailand” by Ek Amnuay is exactly the same. It must be a male, as the females show a dark tip of the elytra.
    The broad and flat head and the widely separated eyes are rather characteristic of this genus. The species is known from India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia.


    • bugman says:

      Dear EBM,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to help identify some of the unidentified beetles we had posted from Thailand.

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