What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Hello WTB!!
I’m sad to say that this E-mail will contain no specimen photo in need of ID. I simply wanted to compliment you on you web site. I am very impressed!! I am currently working as a DoD contractor (Vector Control) in southern Iraq . We are the “Bug men” for our troops deployed in OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom). I was curious if you might like to have a few specimen photos of some of the creatures “our boys” encounter here in the “sandbox”? Though we deal with everything from Horned Vipers to the occasional herd of camels we spend the majority of our time focusing on local arthropods. If you might have any knowledge of sites similar to your own with information concerning creatures from our “neck of the woods” I would be very interested.
Thanks and Kudos,
Jason McCann
Vector Control Technician
Camp Buehring/Udairi, Kuwait

Hi Jason,
WE have gotten several photos of the infamous Camel Spider, including one that has been making quite a splash in the news along with horrific storiesl. The image was taken with a wide angle lens, so the critters look two feet long. Sorry we can’t help you with any Middle Eastern identification sites, but we will gladly publish any images you send our way.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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