Help, what’s this bug?
We’ve been battling this bug with our Pest Control people, but nothing seems to get rid of them. They are very, very little reddish bugs that appear in my bathtub, bathroom floor, windowsill, and sink. If you smash one, it will leave a red “blood” stain. In the mornings is when they seem to be out the most. I attached a picture and it’s not a good one, but it’s the best I could get since they were so small. I live in SC now, but I also saw these bugs on rocks while growing up in PA, although the ones in PA were a lot brighter of a red color. From what I could see, I think they have 4 legs and 2 long antennae. I couldn’t find a picture of a Running Mite that looks like this bug or else that’s what I’d say these are. They don’t seem to be biting and I only itch when I think about them. Any help would be grateful.

Hi Chuck,
You do have Running Mites and you don’t have to worry about being bitten or itching.

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