Immature Cockroach

Help!! Bug invasion HELP!!! I don’t know what kind of bug has invaded my home!! I saw a dead one of these in my basement a few weeks ago.. We just found another one in the upstairs bathroom yesterday.. so my husband sprayed the basment with a household bug spray and I found this one … Read more

Dead House Centipede

Rude Bug Heyas! I have seen several of these little creepy things. I live in Houston, TX right next to a bayou and have all kinds of bugs dropping by for tea. This one gave me a dirty look (and I think a middle finger). My brother says he thinks it is a silverfish but … Read more

Jack Spaniard's Nest

Hello from Trinidad and Tobago Just blogged your site for, and you should get some more viewers that way… 2 reasons for writing. You’re providing an invaluable service, and I’m going to thank you. Because of your site I was able to identify one spider (I forget it’s name) that’s called a tailless scorpion … Read more

Broad-Winged Katydid

Hello Again, I was taking a walk the other day and got a picture of this grasshopper on a brick fence with my camera phone. He was farley large about two or three inches and his wings looked like blades of grass, he was very neat. What kind is it??? I live in montebello, california. … Read more

Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver

Colorful Spider Would like to know what this colorful fellow is. Took the picture on Maui , Hawaii on the way to a little waterfall. Then I saw it on a Hawaii travelogue but they didn’t identify it. Bill Hi Bill, Your Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver, Gasteracantha elipsoides, ranges throughout the continental United States, being … Read more

Crab Spider

Spider in Alabama Hi Bugman, I live in Alabama, and have recently found 3 spiders in my home in the last 2 days. Two of them were the same type, and one (the one I have the picture of) was of a different type. I wish I had a picture of the first type because … Read more