What’s this bug
It’s the middle of winter here in Canada around -15C or so and I find this bug in the middle of my upstairs hall. Unfortunately my killer instincts kicked in, and I felt I had to protect my whole family from our strange house guest so I flattened it. Hopefully it’s resting peacefully in bug heaven and hopefully you can identify it.
Some things to note:
-We did have a live Christmas tree
-We have just recently completed renovations including new lumber
-After it was squished, there was a faint pine smell (could be my imagination b/c the guts were green)
Thanks for any help, and I look forward to getting your response.

Hi John,
I looks like you have dispatched a Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis, a member of the Big-Legged Bug Family Coreidae. Since they feed on pine seeds, it could have come in on your Christmas tree. They also seek shelter inside of homes to hibernate. They are harmless other than damaging pine seeds.

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