Good morning!
Hi there. This fellow was extricated from underwater brush in a lake nearby which is mostly frozen over though thawed in places. At first I believed he was a "Walking Stick." However, the legs seemed wrong. Scanning internet images led me to now believe he may be a Water Scorpion. (And to think I kept repositioning him, which he seemed to tolerate cheerfully enough!) I’d really like your confirmation, please! Thanks for your tremendous site!
Michelle Mahood
Shingletown, California

Hi Michelle,
We always enjoy getting interesting images from you. Yours is the first photograph we have gotten of a Water Scorpion, though we have gotten several letters. Your specimen looks like a Western Water Scorpion, Ranatra brevicollis. They get to be about 1 inch long with an additional inch of breathing tubes. They are found in shallow ponds amid debris. They will bite painfully if provoked.

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  1. bradley b says:

    ive been cleaning out my pond and have found some weird bugs i know one is a water scorpion and there are lots of toe biters i have one with eggs on its back but i have two im not sure what they are i can send pictures of them all so yo can add to your collection if you give me a email.
    and hopefully you can tell me what the two are that im not sure about.

  2. Like the lady in Muswellbrook I found what I now know to be a water scorpion swimming in our pool, unlike the lady I scooped it out of the pool with my bare hand unawares that it could bite, it differed in that the nippers and legs were quite small and the body fatter and longer compared to the Muswellbrook specimen and about 10cm in length, I left it on the side of the pool and ran for a camera but unfortunately it had gone before I returned.
    M. Mansell South Coast Illawarra N.S.W.

  3. Aurora Rose says:

    Oh.So they only bite if carelessly

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