some comments about camel crickets
My hubby and I visited a WV cave last year. The tour guide told us to beware the "cave cricket", that it had been known to bite people and cause serious infection due to the fact that it feeds on carion, refuse, etc. It so happens, that a few month later, this huge camel (cave) cricket was in our kitchen. Having believed the tour guide, I tried to crush it with one of hubby’s large boots. The next morning, it was no longer under the boot, nor anywhere else to be seen. Thank God, it got away and apparently, wasn’t injured. I never saw this huge cricket again, however, there have been two smaller ones that come up often to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the smaller of those two was apparently bitten by a spider. I found it wrapped up tightly and hanging in a spider lair beneath the cupboard, just yesterday. (Dang spiders, but I guess they have to have food too.) The other one, however, (both are males), and I know which one it is because it was suddenly missing it’s left rear hopping leg, yes, the big hopping leg … anyway, this one still comes to the kitchen every 2 or 3 days, late at night. I always look for it and I offer it multigrain bread, which it really chows down on, big time! Assuming they have some hearing ability, I speak softly to it when offering the bread. It seems to have lost any fear, since it doesn’t jump away now like it did at first, apparently becoming accustomed to receiving food. I find these critters to be quite interesting and have done what research I can online about them. Meanwhile, I found a neat photo of one that look like the ones we have here, except it’s definitely a female and I have permission to use the photo to create a logo for the graphics business I’m trying to get started. (Lotta nice people on the net willing to share, and for certain, I will give the photographer credit for his great picture, which I haves included below. His name is Bob Patterson.) Isn’t she lovely? I think so! Not to belabor an issue, but somewhere I ran across a site where they were discussing whether or not camel crickets were satanic! Can you believe it? If I can find that site again, I intend to post a comment there about how goofy they all are, (the people, not the crickets). I’ve also seen sites that say the crickets eat carpet and clothing … sheesh! My crickets never come on to the carpet … they stay on the kitchen vinyl and look for crumbs. Perhaps all crickets are not alike … but I always hate the thoughts of misinformation on the net for everyone to read. Why on earth would a cricket chow down on synthetic fibers??? Makes no sense. Anyway, you have a wonderful site and I truly appreciate it! Please keep up the great work!
Warmest Regards,

Thank you for your great letter Bunny.

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  1. jerrod says:

    The plant is at the mouth of then Santa Clara River on the beach so yes we are butted right up against coastal dunes. Though we are about 30 miles south east of Santa Barbara we are probably close enough to be considered within their range. The ponds next to our plant are a bird sanctuary so I am sure these guys are on the top of the menu.,+ventura,+ca&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x80e852c3b063f875:0x734629c89a555581,1400+Spinnaker+Dr,+Ventura,+CA+93001&gl=us&ei=y35IUerpLKnViwK5xIGABQ&sqi=2&ved=0CFMQ8gEwAA

    And yes I do frequently terrorize my wife with photos but not so frequently that she becomes used to it. 🙂 Thanks for the ID!

  2. augerson says:

    I love these little fellows. They have been living in my (nasty old unfinished) basement for years. When I looked them up to find a good image I came across this site. Most sites just tell how to get rid of them. they are not harming a thing. Thank you.
    Carol (the augerson)

  3. Stephanie Jones says:

    My son, Noah, just caught two of these (at least I think they are Camel crickets) in our damp garage in Seoul, South Korea.
    He would like to know firstly if they are likely to be Camel crickets?
    Secondly, how long do they live?
    Thirdly, what do they eat as he is keep them in a special mini fish tank at the moment & wants to keep them as pets!
    Fourthly, any other tips gratefully received.

  4. Doug Piper says:

    I am in New Jersey. I have seen this type of creature around my house and an apartment I lived in. Is this “creature” common in New Jersey as well?? I call them Morph – Spiders.
    Thank you for any info. you can provide.
    Doug, in New Jersey

  5. Carolyn ODonnell says:

    we had these in our house in Baltimore in the basement for some reason they creeped me out

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