alaskan beetle
Found your cool site and wondered if you could identify this beetle. We found a couple of them and several larvae in a pile of dog poop behind our home in Anchorage. It seemed to be an inch long and about .5 inch wide. My wife said it opened up it its wings but did not fly. Its antennae are really wild looking. It dug itself into the grass/ground quickly after turning it loose. Neither of us has ever seen one and both have lived in Alaska all our lives. Thanks,
Mike & Heather

Hi Mike and Heather,
You have a species of Burying Beetle. These beetles eat carrion. I have read that a pair can bury a small mouse in a few hours. A hole is dug under the corpse which is eventually buried. Then eggs are laid on the dead critter which serves as food for the growing larvae. We were uncertain as to the exact species, and Eric Eaton has informed us that certain identification would be time consuming but it belongs to the Genus Nicrophorus.

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  1. BCgirl4ever says:

    Found one of these in my backyard in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada this morning!

  2. Doe anne says:

    I am currently in the process of building my house, and to save money I’ve been living in a canopy surrounded by a bug net, so the bottom is open to all sorts of freakin beetles. Spruce sawyers, spruce beetles, and of course, these monstrosities. Man did this lil dude give me spook, lol. I lived in alaska all my life, I do a lot of camping and hiking, and NEVER have I seen one of these before.

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