Orange bug, what is that?
Hi, I’m currently doing a school project on insects when I found this insect in a forest. Can you pls help me identify this insect possibly by this month as my deadline is the end of January? I’m from Malaysia. my friend’s father got it from the jungle in Johor. A jungle in Janda Baik, i think. Do you have any idea what order it is from? I was thinking maybe of a shield bug and perhaps it’s common name? Thank you very much.
Su Yan

Hi Su Yan,
We agree that it is a Hemipteran, but we turned to expert Eric Eaton for additional information. He wrote back: “A book I have (“Bugs of the World”) has an image of similar insects it places in the family Tessaratomidae, the “giant shieldbugs.” That is the best guess I can hazard, being here in the mundane U.S.”

Update:  April 8, 2013
Thanks to a comment from David, we are able to provide some links to images of
Pycanum rubens nymphs.  See Orion Mystery and Nature Loves You.

Location: Malaysia

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