Awesome site glad I found it. Here is a but that I found on the couch when he woke me up from a mid day nap. He stung me on the knee and it is itching 2 days later an a little red . I am tough and can take it, but the problem is one of my Girls got stung this AM by the same type of bug. Can you help identify it and let me know if we should be concerned. Thanks again,
Mike S.
Hawley TX

Hi Mike,
We wanted more than just a general Assassin Bug identification so we wrote to Eric Eaton who responded: “It is an assassin bug in the genus Zelus. They are great to have in the garden as they prey on lots of pest insects. Just don’t pick them up!” The bite is painful and causes irritation, as you know, but there is no lasting harm.

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  1. drswanny says:

    The photo is blurry so it is difficult to say for sure but this is probably Zelus renardii.

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