Is this an Assasin bug?
Hi There! I’ve been trying to identify this bug, and I am fairly sure it’s an Assasin bug of some sort. It was quite large, although I did see one even larger (no camera though!) It doesn’t have the typical leafy leg decor, so I pretty sure it’s not a leaf leg bug. And he also doesn’t have a lighter tip on his antenna. I live in NW Georgia. I found this guy on my Pyrracantha during the summer, and he stayed there for weeks. Thanks for your input!
Shannon Davidson
Dallas, GA

Hi Shannon,
We wrote to Eric Eaton who correctly identified your: “This is not an assassin bug, though. It is a male Acanthocephala species, family Coreidae (leaf-footed bugs). Males have greatly swollen hind femora (“thighs”) armed with spikes and teeth, which they use in battles over females. Both genders have leaf-like flanges on the hind tibia (“shins”). Neat bugs, totally harmless, feed on seeds mostly.”

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