Ergates Pine Sawyer

Longicorn ?? hi just curious what genus and species of longicorn beetle this was, ur site has been very interesting and helpful so any help would be greatly appreciated . yours greatfully wayno the bugman Hi Wayne, By the looks of things, it appears you might be beginning a collection. This beautiful specimen is one … Read more

Water Scorpion

Good morning! Hi there. This fellow was extricated from underwater brush in a lake nearby which is mostly frozen over though thawed in places. At first I believed he was a "Walking Stick." However, the legs seemed wrong. Scanning internet images led me to now believe he may be a Water Scorpion. (And to think … Read more

Tersa Sphinx Pupa

What is this ?? My 6 year old daughter is fascinated with insects. She found this in our front yard and I have no idea what it is. Will you please help us shed some light on what this insect is? Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you! Dana Hi Dana, Your daughter … Read more

Immature Cockroach

new pic of bug hey thanks for your help i found a dead bug after spraying and got a couple of better pics of it this one is one of the little ones i had mentioned i hope these pics are better in helping you tell me what they are like i said before i … Read more