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Alien Moth
Hi Daniel!
Now I know I must be overloading you with all my bug pictures, but I have one more unidentified bug for you! We spotted this humming bird like moth in the fall just outside of Las Vegas… I haven’t been able to find any info on it yet… Is it a moth? It sure is pretty…
Thank you again for your amazing site… I LOVE checking out all the pictures and everybody’s crazy bug stories… especially that lady with the bugs and snakes in Mexico… so funny!… and what a cute gecko! =)
Best wishes,
Leah Balecha
Hollywood CA

Hi again Leah,
Your moth is a Striped Morning Sphinx or White-Lined Sphinx Moth, Hylas lineata. It is a very common Hawkmoth or Hummingbird Moth with a huge range in the new world. It is probably found in the old world as well, as in introduction. The caterpillars are Sphinx caterpillars with a caudal horn and they eat a wide range of plants, being particularly fond of fuschias. Adults are often seen flying in the day when it is cloudy, but more commonly at dusk and dawn. I used to see large numbers on the walls in the open hallways at USC when I taught there.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: California

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  1. you had a story about someone with a bug hallucination thing. I laughed to hard can you send it to me.

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