From the monthly archives: "November 2004"

bugs from home
Please help…
My wife was cleaning the other day and found these two bugs in some dust balls under our bed as well as in our kitchen cabinets and drawers. We tried looking online but can’t find anything that looks like these two guys – we’re wondering if they aren’t babies of something else. We’re not sure what to do about them or even where they came from. Thanks for your help,

Hi Tom,
It is difficult to be certain with your photo.

Update: (10/21/2005)
Hi, The insect pictured here copied from WTB is a spider beetle. It is a bead like insect often associated with rodent infestations. I managed to find your site when pulling up pictures of “lawn shrimp” to show an employee.
Doug Seemann , BCE
Board Certified Entomologist
San Diego County

huge bug
im not sure if we have a palmetto bug or what but here’s a pic just cought it half an hour ago clawing it’s way near the entrance door big spooky thing, never seen anything like it

Hi Lubo,
It is definitely a roach, possibly a Palmetto Bug or an American Cockroach. Palmetto Bugs live in the deep south, Florida especially. They can fly and are larger that American Cockroaches.

Unknown Bug
Hi there,
I found this bug on my front porch in San Antonio, Tx on Sunday Nov. 7th. I have was wondering what it is.
Thanks in advance

Hi Chip,
There are two genuses of beetles with the common name Ironclad Beetle, and your specimen of Zopherus nodulosus haldemani is one of them. We have another letter and photos from June 2004 on our Beetles 2004 page with additional information.

Pantry Beetles?
I have been finding these around the house occasionally. But today I found 5 in one unopened package and one in another unopened package of saltine crackers. There were some very tiny cracks at the corner of the packages where crackers contacted though much smaller than these bugs. Can you tell me what they are and if they could have came in the packages or if they may have entered through the tiny cracks. They range in size from less than 1/8″ to almost 1/4″.
Thanks Merle

Yes Merle, you have pantry beetles. It is possible to buy pre-infested food at the market, which is a good reason to check the expiration date. They will quickly spread to other stored foods in your pantry.

Update:  July 20, 2019
We just received a comment for the scientific name of this larva.  It appears to be a Varied Carpet Beetle larva, Anthrenus verbasci, which is pictured on BugGuide.

I found an insect living with me a couple of days ago in my California condo which is nestled against a small, grassy hill. At first, I avoided it – I am very afraid of insects, but I have no desire to harm them. Then I became more and more curious because I’ve never seen anything like it before. It looks like a fly’s torso put onto an orange, wasp-like body! It’s about 1 inch long. I overcame my fear enough to trap it and take a few photos for you. What is it?
Best regards,
Lyndie Chiou

Hi Lyndie,
The reason your Ichneumon looks like a wasp is because they are related, though Ichneumons do not sting. What looks like a stinger is in fact the ovipositor, the egg laying organ of the female Ichneumon. She uses the ovipositor to deposit eggs inside the bodies of her host insects, often caterpillars, and the young Ichneumon will eat the prey alive from the inside. Ichneumons are important in the biological control of insect pests, so they are beneficial.

not a dragonfly…. not a daddy long leg
Hello, My name is Anthony. I am from Long Island, New York. Today, November 7th, I took a picture of the strangest bug on my front porch. I estimate the it to be 4 inches across. It has two wings and six legs. Could you tell me what bug that is? Take your time, I know you are very busy.
I JUST sent you an email. Someone suggested a Crane Fly. I think
that may be it. Thank you anyway, and is my friend right??

Hi Anthony,
Your friend is right, it is a Giant Crane Fly.