Kaira species? Maybe

Spider identification Hi, I found this spider and its egg sac in my flower garden. The eggs are light orange in color. I have searched the internet in hopes of identification. No luck! Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Lorrie Hi Lorrie, We turned to our very old copy of Comstock’s Spider … Read more

Paper Wasp

wasp Hi, I am the operations manager at a large retreat Center and Summer Camp in Dallas Texas. We have a tall tower that the kids ride a zip line down. Every Fall these wasp swarm the tower. They are not aggressive, but needless to say, kids running and swatting at wasp 50′ in the … Read more

Wolf Spider

Can you tell me what kind of spider? I found this spider on my bathroom floor this morning. I captured it in a cup and now I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t really have the heart to kill it, but I also don’t really want it saying hello to me everyday … Read more

Palmetto Bug

huge bug Hi im not sure if we have a palmetto bug or what but here’s a pic just cought it half an hour ago clawing it’s way near the entrance door big spooky thing, never seen anything like it Lubo Hi Lubo, It is definitely a roach, possibly a Palmetto Bug or an American … Read more