Oil of Peppermint

Peppermint discourages ants Dear What’s That Bug, I just discovered your website and love it. My husband and I will soon be spending much of our time in Costa Rica, and I anticipate having lots of questions to ask about the insects we will be encountering there. I am writing to let your readers know … Read more

Cross Spider

is this a garden spider? Your website is great. This spider has grown all summer with webs starting from one end of our deck to the other, we sat and watched him for a few hours one night making his web. He is grown very very large. I am hoping he or she is a … Read more

Male California Trap-Door Spider

UNKNOWN SPIDER-STH CALIFORNIA. HI BUGMAN, This spider was found in a pool in Calabasas Southern California. I have seen 3 other website site images of this spider, all found in pools in Southern California. No one has managed to identify it so far? Cheers, Derek. Hi Derek, Just last week, our neighbors Jeannie and Ayn … Read more

Toe Biter

big roach? Hi Folks, Found this bug near the local rec centre, assuming its a roach, just wanted verification on that, any idea of the species? Thanks, Andrew Hi Andrew, We just love getting new photos of Giant Water Bugs, also known as Toe-Biters (a well deserved name) as well as Electric Light Bugs because … Read more