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Please help…
My wife was cleaning the other day and found these two bugs in some dust balls under our bed as well as in our kitchen cabinets and drawers. We tried looking online but can’t find anything that looks like these two guys – we’re wondering if they aren’t babies of something else. We’re not sure what to do about them or even where they came from. Thanks for your help,

Hi Tom,
It is difficult to be certain with your photo.

Update: (10/21/2005)
Hi, The insect pictured here copied from WTB is a spider beetle. It is a bead like insect often associated with rodent infestations. I managed to find your site when pulling up pictures of “lawn shrimp” to show an employee.
Doug Seemann , BCE
Board Certified Entomologist
San Diego County

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  1. mike says:

    i recently came across this in my brooklyn NY apt….this was in my bathtub, very tiny, .. but mine are slow, (maybe because the tub was cold ?).. i see them only once and awhile.
    they are very tiny, …. i dont see pinchers, like the pseudoscorpion, ..

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