You bet it is.
(09/10/2004) Hello from Houston Tx
We caught this cool pic of what I believe to be a Green Lynx munching on a leaf footed bug (we have a bunch of leaf footed bugs on our young pecan tree) We live in a suburb of Houston (Katy Tx).
We moved into our home about a year ago and we have been trying to make our large backyard into a sort of wildlife haven for our 4 children to enjoy and learn . We planted Butterfly weed, morning Glory Passion flower, and all sorts of other flowers and foilage. The Butterfly , Hummingbird, and Tree frog response has been fantastic! The unexpected insect population has been even more fascinating! I never cared for "Bugs", but over the summer I have developed a big interest! Seeing creatures that I have never seen before.
A couple of weeks ago we found a Assassin bug on one of our vines. Iwas researching on the internet trying to Identify this creature to see if it was harmful to our vegetable garden, when I stumbled upon your site. Since then I have been a daily WHAT’S THAT BUG visitor, and my wife has used it for reference in the classroom! (She is an Environmental Science Teacher at the High School level) Needless to say , I credit your extremely Cool site for sparking this interest in me (at the ripe old age of 37), and my wife is thankful for anything that keeps me off the golf course!
Tony Fossee

Hi Tony,
We get many letters that make us feel good about our humble site, but yours is one of the best. I am so happy to hear we are helpful and have had a positive influence. Yes, your spider is a Green Lynx, Puecetia viridans. It is our favorite spider. I once saw one leap about a foot to capture a butterfly, which it missed, but I was still impressed. If you are a recent visitor to our site, you should know that we usually go offline about mid month due to heavy traffic.
On a side note, we were just approached to do a limited edition What’s That Bug? calendar, and we would love to include your letter and photo. Most of our favorite letters are so old we cannot even contact the senders, but I wanted you to have a heads up. Thanks again for the warm letter and have a nice day

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