A beautiful Creature
Dear Bugman [Daniel]:
Thank you so much for your informative website. Thanks to your insight, I can now sleep at night, and continue to watch this amazing creature for as long as she wants to inhabit our garden. My 4 year old daughter pointed it out to her mother while weeding the garden recently. We were aprehensive until I found that the Golden Orb Weaver in our garden is harmless. Her abdomen would almost cover a nickle I guess and she is about 1 1/2" long when her legs are arranged top to bottom. I hope you enjoy the attached photo. This is the first time we have encountered this spider in our 5 years in this residence. We live in the rural area of Georgetown, Ontario, Canada about 25 miles west of downtown Toronto. By the way, do I have to be worried about being overrun with weaver babies??? Many thanks, and kindest regards,
Peter J. Solomon

Dear Peter,
Thank you for your beautiful letter and gorgeous photo. I am so happy you spared the lovely female Argiope aurantia. I don’t think you need to fear being overrun by spiders. We had a female in our garden several years ago who laid eggs, and we haven’t had a mature specimen since. The spiders balloon away after hatching, catching the wind with silk lines and flying away, dispersing great distances. The adults, on the contrary, are not mobile, and will continue to make a web in the same vacinity night after night.

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