Spider ID?
I found this guy on the wall of my bike shed. We found the same sort of spider, only even bigger, on the floor in our basement a few months ago. They don’t seem to be associated with webs, and they don’t seem to be great climbers. They’re clearly more comfortable on the ground. And they’re INCREDIBLY fast. This — with the two sets of front legs together — seems to be a common resting position.
This one was 2.5-3" from leg tip to leg tip. (The one in the basement was 3.5-4") We live in Saint Paul, MN. We’ve been in our house for years, and we’ve never seen them before. What ARE these guys?
Thanks for your help.

Hi Liza,
Beautiful photo of a Fishing Spider, genus Dolomedes, probably Dolomedes tenebrosus. It is found in wooded areas, often near water but it can also stray far from ponds and streams. If disturbed, it can dive below the surface of the water and remain submerged for 30 minutes or longer. It can catch small fish, hence the common name. Though fearsome appearing, they are harmless.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hi there,
    Saw this one in my sister’s back yard in Lancaster County, PA. I think it might be a Fishing Spider, but it seems to have lighter coloration than most pictures that I’ve seen.

  2. Gladys V-Riojas says:

    We took a pic of one fishing spider. My kids were freaking out of course seeing spiders would scare anyone especially me! But we did the research when we got home. Thanks for the info! San Antonio Tx
    Crescent Nature Park in Schertz

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