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Nasty Little Bug!
Dear What’s that Bug,
I don’t know what this little rascal is, but this afternoon I picked up my dog to bring her inside and all of a sudden I felt this incredible pain on my little finger. The pain was worse than a wasp sting or any fire ant bite I have ever had. Maybe I am just a wus, but damn it hurt. I have tried to find the bug all over the web but was not able to locate it. I have never seen one before. The pictures are not to good since I took the pain out on him/her. It has six legs with two tentacles. It has an almost transparent orange body. I think the stinger is in its tail, because when I flicked it off of the dog and on to the floor it poised itself like a scorpion. By the way I am from NW Florida area. If you could give me some insight as to what he heck this little booger is.
Thank you,

Hi Jason,
You were bitten by an Assassin Bug nymph, and though the bite is nasty, they are beneficial to gardeners because of the vast numbers of pests they kill.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. drswanny says:

    This little rascal is a nymph of Zelus longipes.

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