Apologies for the bad photo; I used my camera/phone. The insect is brown with darker brown stripes length-wise down its body. Its legs are striped width-wise. He’s soft-bodied (like a caterpillar), and quite clean, cleaning each leg meticulously. Not knowing what to feed it, I gave it strips of fresh carrot, and a few pieces of dry dog food. It has 14 pair of legs, 2 antennae in the front, and 2 antennae-like in the rear. His legs move in a wave-type motion. It has a pair of claws in the front, 2 eyes, and a ’round’ face (for lack of a better description). I searched different sites trying to ID this creature. I was unsuccessful. Would you assist me in identifying this great insect?
Thank you!

Hi Judy,
Your House Centipede pet is not an insect. Try feeding it live insects, like flies. You can even buy crickets from the pet store as food. They will not bit. Most people who send us letters concerning House Centipedes are terrified. Your letter was refreshing.

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