Beetle Infestation
Hello, I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and have found 40-50 beetles in my house in the past two weeks. They are everywhere … upstairs, downstairs, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, etc, etc. They are approximately 1/4 inch (5-6 mm) in length and solid black. We’ve never seen them fly and believe that they don’t have wings. I’ve included pictures. I found one larva. It was redish-brown and appeared striped (very similar to that of a larder beetle). Can you help us identify them, tell us why they’re moving in, and how to get rid of them. Thank you so much for any help you can offer.

Hi Renee,
You have one of the Grain Weevils. This is just one type of Pantry Beetle. Grain Weevils infest stored grain products. Weevils belong to the Family Curculionidae.

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  1. Jean Paugh says:

    we bought some corn to feed our deer and did not know to watch out for weevils. there must have been thousands of them in my kitchen, living room, bedroom and in the pantry where the corn was stored. we got the bag of corn out of the house, vacuumed everything and they are still crawling. how long do they live?

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