Orb Weaver

whats my spider? Hi, I saw this particular spider last year around this time and this year I see what seems to be the same spider as before. What kind of spider is this and is it poisonous? While all spiders have poison glands, your unidentified Orb Weaver from the genus Araneus poses no threat … Read more

Common White

Do you have an id for this one? Hello Bugman! I promise not to "bug" you too often, but I just came home from a photography trip at Tule Lake in northeastern California with some butterflies I can’t identify. The one butterfly image I have cleaned up and made ready for viewing is this little … Read more

Site Traffic too Heavy

Bandwidth I notice that, again, the whatsthatbug.com site is down due to bandwidth issues. What is being paid for the site currently and what would it cost to keep the site up without interruption? If you asked for donations on the site, I would be more than happy to help out with bandwidth costs via … Read more


What is this bug? Bugman, I’ve been searching for hours to find out what this bug is, but can’t seem to find a similar picture anywhere. Any ideas what it might be? Thanks, Rob Hi Rob, We are very excited to get your letter since we are able to start a brand new page with … Read more

Four Horned Sphinx

Caterpillar ID Hi, Found this guy on our walk. He is about 4″ long or so and husky. Looks like a curled up green leaf. Has double horns near his head and a spike at the tail. He is very strong. Let him go in the garden. Hope it wasn’t a mistake. He went on … Read more