Basilica Orbweaver, not Cyclosa bifurca

Hi Spiderman! Ok..Im stumped. Never seen anything like this. I live in Milton, Delaware…….there seems to be 5 round eggcases within the cocoon. Any idea what they might be? I always heard colored spiders were poisionous. Is this the case? Thanks!! Connie Delaware Wow Connie, Nice photo of Cyclosa bifurca. Here is what Comstock has … Read more


whats this bug? Hi there……. My name is Shayla and i live in southeastern wisconsin. i found this tiny little creature crawling on my ceiling and i watched it for a couple of minutes and i put my fingure close to it and it moved from side to side like a crab and so i … Read more

Aphid Wolf

What is this spongy-fungusy-like bug? Hello, We are on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and have many of these strange bugs that carry things that look like sponges or fungus. They crawl on the picnic table under the oaks and pines. They look like moving bread crumbs with white legs. We are attaching a photo of … Read more

Oriental Cockroach Nymph

this time with photographic evidence! Hello again, Bugman! Still being terrorized, and still no digital camera, but I’ve done in our last invader and (yes, I’ve already been told it’s gross) I scanned him (her?) so I’d have something to send (the cork is for scale). I might add to my first letter that I … Read more

Dead House Centipede

What in the world is this thing? Hello! I hope you’ll be able to help me out here. A friend of mine took a picture of this…insect in her basement, and from the description and the photograph (link included in this message) it looks to be some sort of caterpillar. Of course, that is a … Read more