roach?? dear bugman, I sent you info, but no picture about these which live outside (and now some inside as of a month or so ago) our southeast michigan home. i now have photos. they are about 3/8 to 1/2 inch long, walk around during the day (and we assume night too). they are very … Read more

Masked Hunter and Solpugid

Hello folks. First, let me thank you for your excellent site. I had found a strange little critter in my home office and wondered what it might be. I found it on your site after many others had let me down. It turns out to be a Masked Hunter". Quite the strange little critter. I … Read more

Flying Ants

My bugs These tiny little bugs swarmed our kitchen a few days ago. They literally covered the counter top and we have no idea where they came from. One minute there was nothing, and then like 10 minutes later they were crawling all over the counter and the floor and flying around the light. There … Read more

Three-Lined Potato Beetle

Our site just went down for the month, and though we have 130 letters outstanding, we decided to photograph this event taking place on our Datura plant. We noticed that the leaves were being eaten and found large numbers of beetle grub, chewing hungrily. They had an unusual viscous liquid on their backs. We also … Read more

Golden Orb?

Hi! This spider has been by one of the back windows of our house – not sure for how long but it has us all fascinated. We think that it’s a Golden Orb (thanks to your site) but are not quite sure. Thanks, Rich Puig Hi Rich, Most definitely a Golden Orb Weaver.