Pandora Sphinx Caterpillar

weird looking bug in Texas… please help!Hi! Please help us! My husband found this weird looking bug on our pine tree in Houston, TX . Two pictures are attached. It is probably 4-5 inches. Thank you! Jeanette Hi Jeanette, You have a Sphinx Moth caterpillar, probably from the genus Pholus, probably Pholus satellitia, the Satellite … Read more

Nephila clavipes

SavannahSpider Can you tell me the species of the spider in the attached pic? It ‘s about 4-5 in. in diameter. The web was huge and intricate. It’s legs are purple and yellow striped. I took this picture in Savannah, Ga. I know that it is not a bug, but wonder if you can still … Read more

Possibly Window Fly Maggot

Strange caterpillar like bug in bottom of trash can I have a trash can in my back yard that I had stored old bags of dog food. I went to empty it out tonight and the bottom of it was filled with this strange bug I have never seen. It looked like there were small … Read more