What’s this bug? This is probably a common bug but I’ve never seen one before. It was on my front door here in Philadelphia. Does it use the tail to attack? If so what kind of enemies would it face? Thanks guys! eFertLIS Dear eFertLIS You have sent in a photo of a common Earwig. … Read more

Beetle Larva

bug in bend oregon Dear bugman i found your site today after i found this weird bug in my BED. It looks to me like some kind of larva, maybe even a termite? I don’t usually freak out about bugs but i do not like bugs in my bed i was hoping you could help … Read more

Unidentified Orb-Weavers

What type of spiders, with bumps on their backs? Hello there, When my mom first started putting some plants in her greenhouse earlier this year, We found a couple of small spiders, which appeared to have 2 horns / bumps on their backs… After the plants were done in the greenhouse, and we moved them … Read more

2 bugs I collected working out in the field

Hi, I’m having trouble with these 2 bugs. The first one I thought was a seed bug, it has 4 antenna segments, but I don’t see ocelli anywhere. It’s wings aren’t fully developed so I can’t look at the veins or anything. It has large front femora shaped kind of like crustacean claws.. it’s white, … Read more

Luna Moth

Hi- We thought you would enjoy seeing another pretty luna moth that has been lounging on our front porch welcoming visitors since yesterday (8-3-04). Since then, it has moved from vertical to horizontal !! Not really exerting itself to much. We are in Dublin, OH (outside Columbus). Kevin and Lorraine Thanks so much Kevin and … Read more