Hi Spiderman!
Ok..Im stumped. Never seen anything like this. I live in Milton, Delaware…….there seems to be 5 round eggcases within the cocoon. Any idea what they might be? I always heard colored spiders were poisionous. Is this the case? Thanks!!

Wow Connie,
Nice photo of Cyclosa bifurca. Here is what Comstock has to say: “The strange form of the abdomen sharply distinguishes this species from the othe species of Cyclosa in our fauna. The abdomen is long; the basal half bears two pairs of humps; the caudal half is more slender and is bifurcate at the tip. The body is green mottled with white; there is a light wavy band on the side of the abdomen; and the abdomen is bordered with a black line above, back of the humps. On the ventral side of the abdomen, there is a bright red spot between the epigastric furrow and the spinnerets. The legs are banded with reddish brown. I found this to be a common species near Miami, Fla. I first found it in the jungle near the shore of the bay, where it made an orb-web with a string of eggsacs across it like a stabilimentum.” Thank you for your wonderful addition to our site, especially since I could not find any photos online.

November 28, 2010
Today we received a new identification request which led us on an identification search on BugGuide that ended with a new identification for this egg sac configuration:  the Basilica Spider,
Mecynogea lemniscata.

Location: Delaware

2 Responses to Basilica Orbweaver, not Cyclosa bifurca

  1. Sed Wigowl says:

    Thank you for ID/info.
    How many eggs are in just one of those pearls?

  2. Sed Wigowl says:

    Thank you for ID/info.
    How many eggs are in just one of those pearls?

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