Ermine moth (tropical)
I just had my moth identified and was researching it when I came across one of your threads. They’re from the south, but someone in Long Island had seen them as well. Attached is a picture I had taken this morning, and only found it by accident; I was photographing a swallowtail on my dahlia.
Tracey Schiess
New Milford, NJ

Thanks for the awesome photo Tracey,
We have been trying to photograph a Tiger Swallowtail in our garden for an entire year so we could post the photo. They are very elusive, flying away whenever we approach with a camera. Perhaps the Western species is more camera-shy than your Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Papilio glaucus. We suspect the range of the Ermine Moth, Atteva punctella, has been extended as the food source, Ailanthus Trees or Trees of Heaven, have spread like weeds throughout the country.

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