6 Responses to Male Dobsonfly

  1. shiniq-wa says:


  2. Angela says:

    We saw one of these recently in Georgetown, TX. Like the 2011 post from Gary Manis, we had never seen one of these dobsonflies before.

    I’m a bit disturbed by the image where some one put a screw into one. None-the-less, I’m thankful there’s this site to help identify critters properly.

  3. Tharon says:

    Female, Sterling, VA. At least 3 inches long 😳

  4. Typhani says:

    Just found one hanging outside my window on screen in Baltimore, MD. I just hit the inside of the screen to get him off, didn’t want this big bug inside my home. Really creepy looking.

  5. Tim says:

    Came across this, as I seen one of these today in Morris, Illinois.

  6. Chelsie says:

    Found one of these guys in unionville Michigan! Didn’t see anyone posting about Michigan but they’re here too!

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