Broad Winged Katydid

Freaked out by a gigantic Green Grasshopper! These were taken BEFORE we relocated the yucky thing! As you can see about 10 minutes later the thing was back in our closed garage! What is this and is it laying eggs? Jaymie M In Irvine, CA Hi Jaymie, You have sent in photos of a Broad-Winged … Read more

Giant Grasshoppers in Cancun

Hi there, great site! I took this photo today of a grasshopper on the screen door of my Cancun house. I saw that someone else wrote to you a few weeks back with his own picture which was kind of distant, so I thought you might enjoy a closer shot. I have no idea what … Read more

Coleomegilla fuscilabris

What’s this I’m stumped…not quite a lady bug… the head is wrong. Any ideas. Thanks,s Suzanne Dear Suzanne, You do in fact have a member of the Ladybird Beetle Family Coccinellidae. Your specimen is Coleomegilla fuscilabris. The species, which ranges from light yellow to reddish-orange with black markings. It is common on foilage.

Banded Net-Wing

I can’t find out what kind of bug this is. My kids and I came across this strange bug today. I have tried to look it up, but can’t find it anywhere. Can you please help identify it? Your help would be gratefully appreciated! Thank you, Leslie and kids Hi Leslie and kids, We really … Read more

Tree Cricket

Tree Cricket? I can’t tell you what a find you were on the internet. Today, I was photographing insects on milk weed. I found six different insects. These three are not in any of my books. They where in Orland Grassland in Orland Park Illinois.Thanks again… you are great! Suzanne Yes Suzanne, You have a … Read more