Identify this critter please?
I don’t know if I sent you this picture before or not, but I figured I’d try again in case I didn’t the first time. We found this guy motoring across our new carpet. It looked like a spider, but I don’t recall if it had 8 legs or not. It’s almost like a very large tick of some kind. I believe it was around 1/2" in size, give or take a little. We live in Atlanta, GA.
Any ideas?

Hi Dave,
You have a species of Crab Spider, Family Thomisidae. They do not build webs but wait to ambush their prey, often flies and bees. Many species are found on flowers and they camouflage themselves to look the same color as the flowers. They are sometimes called Flower Spiders for that reason.

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  1. Ann says:

    Thank you so much for this! We found one like this and didn’t really think it was a tick but wanted more info.
    P.S. please don’t send me any junk email. Thanks

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