Bug against the house
Found this guy next to the back door. It’s around 2 inches long, I believe. Didn’t want to get too close. What kind of bug is it? I’m located in Garland, TX. I’m within the Dallas metro area.
Thanks much!

Hi Olga,
You have sent in a discarded skin from a Cicada. These large fly-like insects spend their nymph stage underground sucking nourishment from the roots of trees. Then they emerge from the underground, shed their skins and fly away. They make a loud buzzing noise in the hot days of summer. Some species, known as Periodical Cicadas or 17 Year Locusts, spend 17 years underground and emerge in great numbers, creating a deafing chorus. This year was the notorious Brood X year and large numbers of Cicadas were found in many eastern cities. Your specimen is probably one of the Annual Cicadas.

Thank you so very much for your response. I appreciate it very much. It was very kind of you.

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  1. Francesca Hirchak says:

    Oh my God, its exactly what I have on the leg of my outside table and has not moved all day. Is it still alive? If it is skin, how does it maintain itself from falling. Just holding onto the leg of the table. I did do the garden 2 days ago, did I disrupt it from the ground?

    • bugman says:

      It is just a shell, so it is very light weight. The living insect has flown off. Cicada nymphs do not dig to the surface until they are ready for metamorphosis.

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