What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

I use World’s Best Cat Litter. It’s an organic product made from corn. I have bought bags before that contained these small, elongated, lighter brown, hard, beetle type bugs. They don’t seem to be able to fly. I think they might develop into some sort of tiny moth, because I have seen the little (tiny!) moths in the litter enclosure, but nowhere else. I have tried freezing the bag before I use it in the litter box, but sometimes this does not work. What are these bugs and how do I get rid of them? Are they harmful to my cat? Could they get into the rest of the house? Sorry I don’t have a picture.
Christa Moeller

Dear Christina,
Both meal moths and pantry beetles will infest stored corn. Neither will harm your cats, but they may invade stored grain products in your pantry.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. christa moeller says:

    I have a photo to add to my original post. How can I send it and attach it to this post?

  2. Amy logue says:

    Can the litter contain bedbugs. I have bedbugs. Could it be the litter. I don’t travel. I changed to the worlds best cat litter 6 mos ago.

  3. Phyllis Washington says:

    The PetSmart that I buy from DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the little bugs in the Worlds Best Cat Litter that I had just opened and put into my litter box, as I took it in to show them the hundreds crawling around in the litter and box sides! The manager just opened a new bag to check it and replaced my bag. I then realized that litter being made from corn could cause bugs.

  4. Sandra Hinshaw says:

    Hi everyone, I think I am having the same problem but, it has just reached epidemic problems. I see some bugs in my cat litter is changed & cleaned weekly and cleaned daily. I also use one of the best cats litters to. Mine is a clay litter. But all of a sudden around end of summer early fall I have bugs little black ones that either leap of fly and they flock around my cat food. the cats and I can’t stand them any more. I have even cleaned my food pantry out. How to do we eliminate these little bugs and how did we get infested with them. Are they in the cat food and litter from the source we obtain them at. We buy local and get delivery sometimes? If any one can help let me know and please post an answer. I am in Southern California and I am going to call my vet now to see what they say. I am thingking I will have to set off some kind of insect killing fogger in my home and start with new food and litter. I mean I even thoughmanybe something craweled under my garden windows and died and these buys were from that even though there is no smell. I will post what my vet says to do. Thank you

  5. Sandra Hinshaw says:

    Hi everyone, I just got off the phone with my vet’s office regarding these little cat littler bugs and food bugs are the same.

    I have tried everything and way to clean and disinfec safetly to rid my home of theses little bug so now I am going to use a fogger spray you can set up in any and all rooms and set off at same time. I will get one that deals with animal and meal pantry pest. I know we will have to leave the house for some many hours (this includes your pets and instruceitons will tell you how to care for your food and didhes before setting off fogger. I will also make sure my cats are clean and have there collars or drops on. (my house cats get to walk outside daily, (weather permitting) on a leash and harness. This way Iwill get this problem resolved before Chritmas get togethers. My vets office said they have had no complaints or surge in this type in the area and not aware of any out break of anything. So I will check the local homeware store for spray but also check petsmart too to see what they have and or advise. I wish I know more because I want to learn from this experience to share with other pets owners regarding this Litter bugs or pet food / pantry food bugs. By the way the pantry bugs do serarch out your and all types of grains from crakers,
    corn, all grains, etc. bread crumbles and I have had them invade all airtight containers, (those spendy ones from BB&beyond) Mason jars etc. And Dont forgeet your flour too! out it goes and mark new bag and place in a container. Same with your sugars too. Sorry I have to check my zip loc bags as these buys will crawl inside boxes to lay eggs, Like in your flour! and you must eleminat all bugs , shells and worms or you will get reinvested. Another tip, check your accustic ceiling look there they seem to like acoustic. Thats why I got rid of mine and second tip. If you have any wood cabinets, carts, tip them over after you empty them out and clean all these areas too you will be surprized what you find under there, I will also vac and clean under my fridge and stove and have done my trash compactor too!!! Hope this helps, There must be something we can mix that is natural in the cat litter to stop them naturally. Merry Christmas, Y’All I will keep checking posts to see if we can get a name for this pest. and how to rid our home and pets from it. I know I check the outside of boxes and bags beofre I buy to look for webs or bug casings.

    • Dee says:

      I was recently at a PetsMart & the bags of sWheat litter was nasty! Dead bugs & what looked like bird poop on it. I told a worker but this is not the 1st time I’ve seen this. I was not about to touch it.

  6. Liz says:

    I have been using Worlds Best cat litter for several years. I sometimes find tiny little bugs the size of a rice kernel or smaller in the laundry room where the litter box is. They are a very light tan color and disintegrate easily. I haven’t seen them in the litter but wonder if they could be little eggs from the corn that makes up the litter. Any suggestions as to what they are?

  7. Dianne Shaw says:

    I just bought World’s Best Cat Litter from Walmart.com. All 3 bags are infested with small black bugs. They crawled out of the bag and are now in several places in our bathroom. I have thrown everything away, and cleaned with vinegar and water. I put Young Living Citronella along three baseboards where the cats Do NOT Go. Many oils are bad for cats—and I’m a huge fan of these oils! Only ones we use. They help humans and other animals, but cats are super sensitive! But a toxic digger was just not an option for us! Too soon to tell. Have put all our flour, etc. in the freezer. I am so disappointed because I trusted this brand!

  8. Ron Gilliland says:

    We just started using corn litter (about 3-3 weeks ago), thinking we were being “eco-friendly”; but now we have and infestation of
    a “smoke” which is alive (little bugs flying),and it is killing some house plants. We’ll have to discard the corn litter, and go back to clay litter for now.

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