hi I am from mexico and I have faund many insects in my garden that I cant identify so if you can help me I will be thankfull.
Daniel Vasques Abarca

Hi Daniel,
Did you attach photos? They did not arrive. Where in Mexico?

well first i¨am fome mexico city the capital y will send you the fotos now.

Hi again Daniel,
This image looks like a termite.
(7/1/03)I moved into a duplex over a year ago and have noticed that starting around May-July, these winged, ant-like insects start invading the place. Theyre about 1/2 inch long, and seem to hop around erraticly more than fly. I’ve noticed that most of them are coming in through the vent in the ceiling in the heater closet. There is tree that hovers over my roof at about that point, so I’m guessing they are dropping down from there. They seem to be attracted to my tub or any kind of light once they get in the house. I’ve tried spraying inside the closet, but it seems they come back after a couple of days, and are probably getting in from other places as well. I’ve clear-caulked around the baseboards in my livingroom and there aren’t as many in that area now, though some still manage to get in from there. How do I get rid of them? I don’t necessarily like killing insects and mostly just throw them back outside, but there seems to be hundreds of these ant/beetles and I am unwilling to share my home with so many annoying pests. My landlords gave me a few bug bombs, but I don’t think that is going to do anything but poison my dog. I’ve resorted to putting some boric acid mixed with powdered sugar in the spots I’ve seen them (where my dog can’t get to it), but they don’t seem very interested and keep returning. Help!

Dear Bugged,
They are probably swarming ants or termites. The fertile kings and queens launch from the nest for their nuptial flight, mate and begin new colonies. Spring is the time for the swarms, usually on warm days after a rain. Food will not tempt them since they want to reproduce. An exterminator might be the answer.

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    Hey guys, i’m really enjoying this website, this is a bug lovers paradise.
    Keep up the great work!!!

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