What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

my oh my can you help me?
about 2 months ago I started to notice the paint in the restroom area of my 750 sq ft apt. just small areas seemed maybe too much moisture. along with tiny bubbling. Well one month ago today I after being somewhat itchy off and on for 2 weeks awoke with over 50 lesion like blisterous wounds that appeared to have borer traits. this began on my back and the backside of my thighs and armpit area. at first I thought the common insects of home pest however after a lot of quarreling with property management and their continuous refusal to exterminate I began infestation eradication myself. What I have found is that my apt is now unlivable walls are bubbled (paint) every square inch my couch ,kitchen cabinets, my bed, even makeup and jewelry as well as my skin are home to what? The health dept environmental serve. said they found nothing but look at these pic and please tell me I am imagining that I am homeless, possesionless and scarless or identify this so I can prepare my traumatized head for infectious disease lockdown. I can also tell you it is contagious as my neighbors buddy now has problem along with all residents in our building. please help me. my truck leather seats and even down to my shoe soles are damaged permethrins did not work in removeal even large doses.
there will be another email of pics thank you please hurry with help.

Walls In early June came out of leg in ???

Rear Thigh Exit Wound Wood Candle Holder

Try to Enter Skin Arm Suddenly Crustatedon

my oh my help! here are some more pics thank you please keep name anonymous however city phoenix state arizona can be public.

Wall Exit 3 Weeks Later Edge Kitchen Cabinet

Picked Off Arm in Iodine Side View Cabinet

Dear Anonymous in Phoenix Arizona,
There is definitely a problem here, but we don’t feel qualified to diagnosis it. I would strongly suggest a trip to the dermatologist as a start.

Ekbom Syndrome
October 21, 2009
Here at the University of Georgia we are conducting a research project on Ekbom Syndrome (the clinical name for delusory parasitosis). We know responding to these individuals can take a lot of your time, so please feel free to refer them to us at 706-542-9033 or Insects@uga.edu.
Dr. Nancy C. Hinkle

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

45 Responses to Real? or Delusory Parasitosis?

  1. Miriam says:

    I must be delusional right alongside you because the same thing is happening to me….it will be a year in April when I noticed that the drywall ceiling had bubbles and tube like indentations… And they changed overnight in pattern! Days before we tore out the wall behind the bathtub and started to tear out old roofing (all seven layers and rotted wood) , all infested with fungus and mold. Then I noticed ‘things’ on my face and in my scalp. My face became a battlefield… I dusted to no end with diatomaceous earth, to the point where I looked like a powdered donut in a snowy landscape… And the worst of it was that when I wiped the **kers off, only a shadow of a shape was on tissue paper! I thought I was losing it for months… I now have real samples but hey, no one wants to see them. Tons of photos too, taking up space on the phone… It’s been a many stages after that first incident and I’ve tried a few things but until we get the house repaired, I am not tossing furniture and clothing into the pyre..
    Please keep posting how you deal with this. I found a conditioner from academia nuts scared them off for a bit. Yes all remedies people list do it too, as does windex for me, the conditioner is just very satisfying and gentle on my skin.
    Good luck!

    • Lisa says:

      I also have similar issues and my mother does too but just the two of us. The only bug identified by the exterminator was a fungus gnat. They create really fine webbing that I have pulled off my skills n and hair. I’m not sure if it’s myiasis or a reaction to the spores or something. Fungus gnats love moisture and mine were very hard to see in webbing where the ceiling meets the wall.

      • Tina says:

        Absolutely this bugs get in wood too my coffee table has silver specks on it .My family and boyfriend don’t believe me but u know they both drink everyday maybe I should pick one up nah .Was wanting to c video u have.

          • Nay says:

            Hi lisa,
            I was curious if you were able to identify the tiny, maybe worm? I also have a very similar video, except I have showed several doctors who all agree something is definitely moving. also, a very skeptical engineer agreed after watching the 7 minute video. I am just wondering if this is something found naturally in some people’s homes or on pets, outside environment etc… My video depicts some better movement such as curling all the way,spinning. I wish static was the answer, but not one other “piece of hair or whatever it is” moves. Plus this appears to have some sort of muscles? I am shocked why anyone would think this crazy. Then what is it, and has one person attempted to find dna? It’s not like your picking them out of your skin and causing scars.
            Newly organisms are discovered by the hours, minutes etc… This should be exciting for anyone interested in molecular medicine!
            I have read about a horse hair worm, but who knows? Any insight on how far you have progressed would be helpful. I am just starting and maybe you have already received an answer!

    • Patti S says:

      The exact same thing has happened to me. We came in to clean up my brother in law’s apartment yhay was disgusting beyond belief. Then we moved in. After a week or two I started itching and feeling it all over. Thought it was lice, then maybe scabies, but after pulling them out of my skin and seeing how they have taken over the entire apartment, my car, and every person who has been to my apartment has begun showing signs of them, I am terrified. I have a college degree, no history of mental illness nor my family, and I feel like I’m losing it. I see them burrowing in the paint, in the seat of the car, restrooms at the grocery store…they are all over the city.

      • Lisa says:

        My mother and I have found that spraying our houses with with rubbing alcohol was a huge help. We started with 91%, which is also an antimicrobial, but that can damage paint and woodwork finishes, so I made a mixture of 70% alcohol and maybe 1/4 91%. That seems to be good too. I use a large sprayer like one for spraying decks, etc. I have a video of a tiny (1/8 in maybe) hair like thing that came off of me after showering, It stuck fast to a q-tip and the movement was similar to a snake getting ready to strike and then it began coiling around itself. It took around 7 months to figure out it was these tiny little hair like things. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to identify it b/c like Miriam said, nobody cares to look. I believe it is some type of larvae b/c of how resistant they are to cold, insecticides, etc. If anyone wants to see the video, I would only need an email address and I can share the file on my google drive, it’s to large a file to email. I would love to identify it or get closer to figuring it out.

        • Stephanie says:

          Please send video I have mold and this problem. I am coughing up bugs getting ready for the doc. They are in the freezer I am not sure what it is but I have a star shaped wound on my legs where I have been bored into by these thins I have also used a lot of things they only give temporary relief I’m not crazy I’m being eaten alive and I’ve been treated for scabies 2x help I’m afraid oh yeah they seem to want to get into my mouth anyway possible I’m coughing up nat looking things and round white slimy balls that resemble an egg or something I cough up all stages all covered in mucus they appear to be dead no the Sega things they look fresh my twin boys 17 are not affected but my cat is and 2 dogs

          • Brittany Hogan says:

            What did you find out because I’m dealing with something similar and can’t find anything

        • Marianne says:

          Wow!!! I have been going through very same thing. Also in the Phoenix area. I have had numerous months to study the behavior and symptoms. Usually when I have something figured out, there is a change leaving me with more questions than answers. They come from the drain and the toilet. Outside and more frequently where birds are present. I see the evidence in the community and my family thinks I am going insane. I feel like I am going insane. I would love suggestions on how to reduce the numbers or effectively drive them away from my home. I have pictures, video and lots of samples. Can we coordinate with others that live in the Valley. I also noticed that the others comments are from people living in Florida, also a warm climate. Please send me videos or evidence you may have at mariannebean@yahoo.com

          I am desperate to find answers for my very small child. They are in my skin, my mucous, nails and presence throughout my body. This is scary stuff right here. Also, present throughout my home, in particular paper products, food left out, drinks, etc. Extremely resilient and very horrifying. I’m rambling at this point, just happy to have stumbled upon this because as of yet, I have found no information, none.

          • Lisa says:

            hello, check out the unknown parasite section on this site, there are many more comments and helpful info. I bought a small deck sprayer and put rubbing alcohol in it, I started w/ 91% antimicrobial but that will peel paint and varnish, so now use 70 or half and half. I spray my bedding everyday because I am worn out from doing so much laundry. Alcohol seems to reduce the problem a great deal. I don’t use any of the harsh chemicals you see others are using on the unknown parasite section. I use Goldbond lotion w/ menthol for my always irritated skin and Selson Blue seems to be reducing the things in my hair. Hope the info helps. I’ve been dealing with this for over a year and you should prepare yourself for a long haul.

          • Brittany Hogan says:

            Please tell me what you found I am dealing with something strangely similar and everyone thinks I’m crazy. Seed shapes raised little bumps under skin, coughing up little slimy things resembling eggs, seedy blood that has a strange odor similar to drinks that I leave out that become infested everything gets the same strange smell. I feel something crawling on me and I look and find a black speck or a seed shaped white/light tan particles not exactly where I felt it but close by and I remove it and it stops for a few minutes. They are in my hair my eyebrows my nose and were even in a hole in my tooth! Wtf! HELP ME

        • Rachel says:

          Hello, i have been dealing with what sounds to me like the exact same thing! Please, send me the video u have. Im freaking desperate!

        • I don’t know what is on me but I got pics can I send video

        • Lori says:

          Hi Lisa I am going through same crap. Started when I started cleaning basement walls in laundry room. Mold was present after scraping few days I noticed what I thought to be black heads chest face.then all hell broke lose I get prickly feelings and sometimes I feel dizzy,slow going and off balance when i am near one. They are everywhere my house my dog,me and my yard. Everyone here thinks I am crazy!! I have no history of mental illness
          I so desperately want to get rid of these. I am miserable. I was wanting to watch video if you still have.

        • Mary Butler says:

          we have been dealing with this

    • michelle says:

      Hi Miriam this is Michelle this is to everybody out there with the bug problem I want to let you know that it does get better I am now not having any issues I have drink a teaspoon of baking soda a day I have also gotten rid of every piece of clothes and Furniture I own I use a salt body rub Epsom salt that works wonderfully I also have lost my dog not due to this but to do somebody else’s careless hands they physically lost him he’s missing but he was polluted with them as well I have got down on my knees and begged for every forgiveness everywhere and ask God to help me with what was going on I noticed that my skin has changed my body has become manageable I was dealing with a bug that it entered my leg and through every spider vein has little bubbles in them the actual book itself came out after my leg was gushing blood because it was on a main vein it has healed up and I have had no issues the bug itself look like a little long centimeter like a long ant I have threw away all my makeup I also have noticed that I also keep an eye on everything I eat outside of my home I remember the last time I went to McDonald’s they were on their Oreo McFlurries the cookies I am taking a vitamin and a lot of this does have to do with restoring our health our bodies are magnets for unknown parasites when we become weak and our immune systems are down I just want to let everybody know to take a breath because it will be over you just have to stay continuously keeping that salt Epsom salt scrub and there’s an Epsom salt rub for sore and achy muscles that you can put on your skin a tablespoon or a teaspoon of baking soda a day and water and keep yourself hydrated change your shampoo I use regular baby shampoo and I add Epsom salt to it and I scrub it through my hair as well as my body whatever you use the Epson salt to it I didn’t find all them oils and stuff worked butt I do know that if they were conceived your skin go for it other than that God bless and I am here and you can reach me at 239 867 8911 and I am in Florida thank you and God bless

  2. Krichey says:

    Mold and buds that live in mold

  3. Michelle says:

    Hello I am in florida, my husband and I have found these hair bugs that are so weird they would be on our legs are face our arms and you can tell they’re so much darker than her natural hair and when you pull them it doesn’t hurt and there’s no bulb on the end of them when I went to place it on the counter it was moving I cut it in half and it also looks like it had a blood like substance in it I am also going crazy with these Brown bugs that have embedded under our skin might have hit my veins and as I try to soak in a bath and get them out I do nothing but make them so mad they die and come off but the ones in my veins start a lot of trouble I also have these which I thought was lice ended up being which looks like a crab you know and then when you shine a flashlight to my skin you could see these clear fibers like three prongs out of my dog my husband my clothes all over the place I have welts on my body I’ve tried everything and I cannot get rid of them please help anybody out there that may know something it was diagnosed as chiggers scabies and when I go in the sunlight they come to the surface of my dog’s hairs the clear flaky weird things I don’t know what to do I feel like I’m running out of options I want to go to the hospital but I’m afraid they’re going to think I’m crazy and I don’t want to be put in a padded room so I have started collecting these things that are falling off of my head as I use the borax tea tree shampoo the salt epson salt meant Kristal and I’m so it’s driving me crazy I use a sulfur will lotion that they make for humans at CVS and the second they step on it they’re dying and the salt for clumps up on myself or lotion clumps up and you can just see them all over my skin and I really appreciate if somebody has any any suggestions on what to do help me thank you desperate I need help sincerely

    • Raechel says:

      Michele, I’m in Florida also. North Central. I’m about to lose it as well. I’m curious to know if you figured anything out about these creatures! I have found clumps of hair like things all perfectly shaped. I see the shape outside on everything and inside as well. Of course I can’t tell my doctor this. I think it is quite terrible that doctors are so easily prone to throwing out the delusional parasitosis diagnosis and going home to their quaint creature free life. I’ve seen about 5 doctors. 2 suggested scabjes, one said they honestly had no idea and wrote a derm referral, one said it looked like mosquito bites…really…and the other was convinced I was fine. I’ve been plagued by with this since memorial day weekend. I did nothing different. It’s very frustrating. It started with small black specks that I had to pick off. Then that turned into sores and tiny little hairs sticking out of the skin. After the first month and my sores hadn’t completely healed my family wrote me off as a picker and assume I was on drugs or something. It’s agonizing to know that something isn’t quite right in your body and no one believes you because they can’t see it because they arent looking hard enough. I’ve learned that I have to pay attention to every small detail of this sickness and sometimes I can alleviate certain symptoms. I take tons of supplemens and go through much much bleach and peroxide. It does little though as I’m positive the rest of my family has it and just don’t have the wrath being given to them as it is to me. I was wondering if this had passe for you because I noticed your post was recent and also if you had experienced any skin irritation or could describe the appearance of what you’ve seen in your ..well.. bodily functions. Spit,urine,etc. I hope this has cleared up for you. Parasites are such clever little nightmares.

      • michelle says:

        Hey this is Michelle I just want to let you know that I have figured out that these things are sweeping the nation not only are they hurting us but they’re also hurting our indoor animals as well are family and family pets I know that I’m embarrassed because I have lost my eyebrows and I have to draw them they love here I don’t know what the issue is but it’s crazy I will post my phone number so that anybody that reads my post can call and comment I thank you and have a wonderful night

        • Angela Wood says:

          I too have the exact same.issue. It is contagious as that I know of 9 of us have them now. This is living hell for me, all I do is clean to make it almost livable and constantly worrying that I don’t have money to move us as this has taken over my life. We are stuck either sleeping in car or home when I hey seem not as bad. I feel so lost
          I have at least 100 videos and pictures

      • michelle says:

        Hi this is michelle you can text me or call me 239-867-8911 please. Don’t hesitate I am up all hrs and look forward to talking to you this issue is so crazy and know that I new some thing was wrong when I go bit it looked like a ant bite small push head that had clearish sub
        Stance in it then my husband put alcohol on my back and blew on it slightly rubbed my back and white cotton ball things would pop out of my skin wierd as fuck I got scared and then things that I thought would come b out of a sci-fi movie scared and stoop Defined . I can talk with you at anytime please call ots9:34 pm give me a hr I’m with family now talk to you soon

  4. Michelle says:

    Just to let anybody know you’re not giving more than you can handle I know it drives me crazy but with every negative there’s a positive at the end we just don’t know when we don’t know if there’s something inside our bodies that these things are correcting it may seem harmful at first but you know I have them coming out of my mouth there on my tongue I am so embarrassed thank God I married and the man that loves me is going through the same thing I have to bunnies they’re my pride and joy along with my pitbull I don’t know what to do because I took my dog to the vet and they treated me are they treating my husband like crap but the veterinary and looks at my husband or the nurse and said what are you eye doctor do you know what it looks like mites are microscopic but from what I was told when I might fill with blood it could be seen well I know I have these things on Me 3 months long enough I feel it’s time did the government or the Health Department’s get together whether they got to contact all of us and send all of our samples and of everything and start checking it because it is causing us to get really sick it makes me look like I’m dirty like like I’m a drug addict they’re in my veins I have spider veins that I could see on my legs and you can see them in it if that’s not normal please tell me tell me I’m not losing my mind because I don’t know anybody else who could come out besides the people on this website and see what they have and their cry for help I’m to the point where mines iety is so bad that my heart pounds and then I have to take blood pressure medicine and I’m only 36 this is wrong there’s way too many people with identified objects on their body that need to be looked at I am not afraid to tell you God bless I am not afraid to tell you that each and everyone of you I am praying for you that we get through this that’s what faith we can have and what faith we do have please don’t be ashamed to email me Michelleeefatic@gmail.com please this is very important to me I can’t even be with my daughters because of this nothing more horrible than that that doesn’t break a mother down what does

  5. My nightmare began I do believe a few years back when i made the discovery of tiny white oval though maggot or wormlike unidentified as of yet monsters with tiny black specks on the ends of their sacklike carcasses ? This was my first encounter I faintly recall though drawing blood via a random kitchen accident was my first view of what was to come ! And Lord did they come in droves and seemingly matured and something else completely ? An oblivious year later when I felt awful inside I decided to do a do it myself experiment and draw some of my own blood , and upon seeing inside the plunger floating within my plasma a Myriad of what looks like to this day a GIllete electric razor three circular shaped heads and if that is what you are suffering from too then you know exactly what I mean I hope ? This followed by a long or short tail ending in a white encrusted bone like weapon of a corkscrew that I have plucked from my skin many many times in the last agonizing stretch of this summer and I think I have seen antennae on some and there are also worms and another species that looks like ET from the movie with the Hammerhead thing going on you know ? As INSANE as this sounds I have heard from a few Dr,s with the twirling their finger beside their heads upon my departure not knowing I caught them due to the mirror in their office THANKS ALOT ! The best is yet to come as these armies of bacterial parasitic nightmares that I am constantly picking off of myself as they dry up and fall off of me also I discovered by setting a tiny alcohol pad upon drawing to check their progress in my blut and they seem to have proliferated and exploded in size and population also becoming so infested that they created massive cysts under my arm full of them feasting and cannibalizing each other and I mean under a microscopic eyepiece you can witness their brutal and relentless appetite for each others flesh ? Though they seem to become frozen in time whenever I popped a cyst or was draining it I would see their behavior bang on every time feasting on each other like ravenous beasts their gourds full of the waxy white guts and their transparent ghoulish earthworm like bodies full of the two eyes and a mouth I discovered possibly ( Spirochete ) Vic’s inside their gullets as these huge earthworm looking with two eyes and a big huge mouth bacterial worms feeding were rudely interupted by my invasions excuse me ? The truth is I am at an impasse having been given two antibiotics one a I sulphur drug which did shit ? The other tetracycline which is finished now and I seem to be drawing less definitely not gone evil in the blood and the skin diabolical looking little flesh eating zombiesque vamp seeming. Invasive infection from hell which I heard can begin secondary infection like cancer if it is around long enough ? These bacterial parasitic which or whatever they are minions of some unknown evil within must be destroyed
    But I am at a place where I know in my medically inexperienced background that there has to be a cure before they entirely fill every single empty lump of blood left within my 50 year old body and my dear wife,s and I am still in disbelief and agony from these transparent two eyed one mouthed triangular soft edged headed tailed ending with a corkscrew ,GIant earthworm lookin transparent ravenous cannibal mouth and two eyed evil round headed beasts along with some weird unknown few that seem to change appearances with the mood of the day monsters inside me have to go and I am in the strong belief that ivermectin can help because otherwise they seem unkillable ! I hope this helped anybody suffering like the gentleman above and the others below from this bug from the dark side of hell ? Goodnite and GOod LUck

  6. Tamyara Cawthorn says:

    Please someone help me. They are telling me that I am insane and I have the same thing happening to me. Huge worms, bugs crawling out of my skin. I would rather be insane…want to kill myself.

    • Lisa says:

      Tamyara, please don’t do anything drastic, the symptoms will get better. I get the most relief from Gold bond powder or lotion. Sarna also helps, I believe it’ the menthol that helps. My family doctor and dermatologist are open minded but really have no idea what’s going on. I hope to get more testing on wha comes out/off my skin. I will post my results. Hang in there, you’re not alone.

    • anonymous says:

      I have the same thing. It started two months ago. I bought a colon cleanse and my life went to shit. I am so tired all the time. I cant think straight and my body has sores from the mites or whatever is digging holes in me. I have had hundreds of worms in bowel movements some that scare the shit out of me and these bla k specks in my skin that jump and make burrows. Its all over me and id rather die to than to keep going on this way.

      • Stephanie Butler says:

        Please don’t give up I attempted suicide over this whole thing but paramedics brought me back it really isn’t the solution. I have a ton of tips to help you could you or anyone who needs help email me ilovechocolate1970@gmail.com please don’t give up your worth the fight I’m not real religious but I’m a believer in our Almighty God praise him no matter what your going thru I lost a lot over this and I’m telling you when one door closes another one opens watch for the open door God has intended for you this bug situation showed me who was real in my life and who to get rid of sad to say I don’t have too many friends these days but I would rather have one good friend than a bunch of bad ones pray for those who have hurt you thru this thank God everyday your not homeless or dying of cancer believe something is gonna cone out of this I moved out of bother rentals that were making me I’ll long story and bought a travel trailer and moved away from all the crap of the city I only paid 800 for it about what rent would cost and moved it into a little trailer park in the center of California foothills I still feel a little battle with residual affects of the mites and mold they go hand in hand I will pray for all of you afflicted with this what I called a curse don’t forget that you are loved and needed in this world and you are well worth the fight please hang in there and get ahold of me for tips to help lower your symptoms and increase your quality of life may God be with you all keep the faith no matter what your going thru and thank him for everything Satan will flee Satan wants to keep you down he will run if you continue to praise and thank God for all you do have I’m still working on my little trailer it’s worth it and it’s mine I guess a lot of people theses days are doing little houses my son and I are happier these days my nightmare only started to get better after losing it all maybe a climate change would do you good mites like the warmth moving gas actually been cheaper due to not having to buy a ton of crap to keep these things at bay just food for thought I split town after finding out I really truly had nobody in my corner what do you really have to lose I had to get rid of everything I owned pretty much all my clothing, shoes anything they can live in furniture etc. I tore out my seating in my trailer and put in a used leather double recliner live seat my TV and pulled out the old heating which we use a floor heater now and the refrigerator that came with the trailer and put in my own it feels like home and I guess I could say I’m a home owner now lmao I literally by myself single mom took my trailer door off and the frame for the door and then with pliers peeled back the aluminum around the door to get my refrigerator in lol I did it with very little damage lol so I guess what I’m trying to say us where there’s a will there’s a way take care all of you inflicted may God be with you and sorry I’m not trying to cram my beliefs down anybody’s throat I just know what has worked for me we are all different so handle it the best way you know how

  7. Kim says:

    Same skin affliction described by many others begin last August. It is definately not a delusion and is more idespread than you can imagine. Definately a symptom of toxic invironment. I don’t know that it’s curable, but with perseverance can be controlled.
    Outer treatment; Hot soaks in Epsom salts, anti bacterial soap, Borax laundry detergent, (add to laundry), baking soda, essential tea tree oils, (I think peppermint and eucalyptus best every day. Scrub body throughly and apply hot compress to nodules with Epsom salt and peppermint oil. Will have to address several times as they usual easily open and drain a variety of crap then fill up again. Pay special attention to scalp (dandruff. Shampoo suggested), nose, and ears. Swab regularly with tea tree oil, peppermint is my choice and add to toothbrush.
    Inner; Your system is too acidic which is the preference for fungus and bacteria so adding a teaspoon of baking soda to your water is a must. Get your diet right. No fast food, sugar, artificial sweetener, Floride, processed food (because of additives), and avoid GMO food when ever you can. At least start with no corn, soy, safflower oil, sugar, and aspertain (diet soda) to definately remove from diet.
    Environment; Vacume as often as possible paying attention to web material, dust clusters, and dust as they contain the microscopic elements of Morgellons. Change your sheets daily, use towels and clothes only once. When you clean use antiseptics particularly after bath soaks and on hard floors.

    Once you get a handle on irradiating it, you need to focus on making the invironment inside your body more healthy so you are not as welcoming for fungus, bacteria, and opportunistic parasites that from my perspective, are DEFINTELY part of this mix.

    I have been successful in reducing the magnitude of the affliction and believe with time and effort anyone can get better. It’s not easy and isn’t to be taken lightly as you have to be just as aggressive and determined as the affliction.

    In terms of what it is, I will say this much, it is antibiotic resistant, it does not react to commercial pesticides like your run of the mill pests, (which is why I’ve elected to pass on bringing addition poison to the mix via the exterminator), like many fungi or bacteria it learns resistance to whatever you put up against it, so switch your protocol around, and most of all, it’s borne from highly advanced technology/biology if left to advance on its own, is life threatening and not to be ignored.

    As far as your Dr, I wouldn’t put much faith there as many have already learned but in your effort to find someone I highly suggest you present it to him without the word Morgellons or details of the skin findings. Present your case in a language he can understand. Reasoning for medical community attitudes vary, but personally I believe they have been put on notice. Why? If this a result of the invironment for which the Government is culpulble, there is NO WAY it will ever be acknowledged.

    If you are interested in discovering more about this condition and its origins I recommend you Google ‘Agenda 21’ and YouTube videos by Harald Kautz-Villa, a German scientist I regard as most on point for this issue. Heads up, to even begin taking in what you will, it requires you open your mind to possibilities beyond what you have ever considered.

    Don’t forget pets as your dogs and cats are much more vulnerable due to their size. Get them wormed, add borax and Epson salt to bathtubs. (May leave on coat if they are infested, digging a lot or biting between paws as well as a diluted mixture of peppermint oil/almond oil base dotted around eyes and in ears but be careful to dilute or skin will get irritation. Keep them clean, esppecially the ears (no peroxide in ears).
    I add cidar vinegar OR a bit of baking soda to water dish as well as an herbal additive such as ground dried pumpkin, ginger capsule contents, olive leaf extract or any fungal fighting natural herb you like. Keep their beds clean.

  8. Marianne says:

    I am so happy to have found this thread. I commented above. I have pictures and video. Also in the Phx area. I need help!!! Please!!! I am desperate.

  9. Chandra says:

    Thank God. I have been fighting this for 3 weeks. Everyone thinks I’m on drugs. I’m going out of my mind. I soaked in menthol, alcohol, epsimn salt bath, scrubbed with antibacterial soap and first time in weeks felt relieved, until touched outside door. I could feel them . I immediately rinsed off. Dr yesterday told me to take pics she didn’t see blisters my skin was blistering in front of her. Arealooks dirty or bruised, brown spots show up, the brown spots ( bugs) would grow to hive like irritated area, skin would become swollen lighter color , fill like blister, cold water, rubbing alcohol helps w pain. Hair infestation is worse

  10. Marianne says:

    Can I post a picture in the comments?

  11. Tom says:

    My other, Nic, and I have been experiencing exactly the same thing. We have done extensive research and believe a possibility is the “worms” are actually tropical nematodes, Filaria Sanguinis Hominis. https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lymphaticfilariasis/index.html.
    Unfortunately, the drug used to treat for this only kills the microfilari (baby nematodes) that are in the blood stream. It does not kill the adults in the lymph system or the babies in your skin, which is the beginning of Elephantitis.
    I developed an oral dose mixture that killed all the worms in my skin with a daily dose for 3 weeks. We are continuing to take a once weekly oral maintenance dose in case it didn’t kill all the adults so any new hatchlings would also be killed. You can skip a few days here and there.
    Oral Mixture:
    • 20 drops Clarkia. Clarkia is a tincture made from green Black Walnut hull, Clove and Wormwood flowers and leaves.
    • 17 drops 2% Lugol’s solution (1/3 elemental iodine 2/3 potassium iodide) The Lugol’s works better than high doses of SSKI because it contains elemental iodine. This would be 8 drops if using 5% Lugol’s solution for a total iodine dose of 50 mg.
    • 1 ½ tablespoons Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
    • 2 to 3 ounces of pure Aloe Vera juice.

    You can get the ingredients from:
    • Aloe Vera juice – drug store or make your own.
    • Clarkia – get the 4 ounce bottles – http://www.sbherbalremedies.com/
    • Lugol’s solution (J. Crowe’s Lugol’s solution) – http://www.tahomaclinicdispensary.com
    • Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – health food store

    I also developed a topical treatment, but it is extremely painful and not necessary since the oral dose works.

    We used natural treatments to treat her apartment and for laundering. Ozone shock the apartment, clean with bleach, distilled vinegar, All purpose cleaner with hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, etc. Add Borax to the washing machine when laundering as this kills the “mites”. Sprinkle sulfur powder and/or diatomaceous earth around the apartment, removed all carpeting, sealed every crack, etc.

  12. Tom says:

    Is there a way to post picturess? I have pictures of the worms that came or are coming out of my skin after treating it with hydrogen peroxide.

  13. anonymous says:

    I have had extreme skin irritation for 2 months to where it looks luke belt marks across my back but before that i did a colon cleanse and was horrified in the thousands…yes…thousands of worms my body expelled. I have had hives all over my body and little black flecks like pepper coming out of me. Some of them look like hairs some look like thorns and all bite me and hurt so badly. This all just began when i started the body cleanse. I am losing my hair rapidly and sores are appearing all over my face and now my feet hurt so bad on my soles. My eyelashes are breaking in half and my scalp is severely infected with black worm like things under the skin. I wanna die. This is beyond anything i can take anymore.

  14. Tom says:

    Update – The oral dose mixture also killed the adults in our lymph system since the edema in our feet ankles and hands has gone away. But I now have thousands of dead worms in my skin. I have to wait until the layer of skin the worms are in to be pushed up to the outer layer so I can scratch them out. I am still finding new spots of dead worms in my skin every day. I’m hoping they will all be out in 2 or 3 months. My other had to stop the oral dose before it killed all hers so she got reinfested and has the edema back in feet ankles and hands. She has been back on the oral dose for 9 days now. So 12 more days for hers to all be killed, hopefully.

  15. Tom says:

    I have been to the doctor twice with proof. Dead ones. They wont even look at me. They try to give me valium and send me to a therapist. I cant take much more. Next tine they call me crazy im gonna go ahead anr give them some crazy. I been told im imagining the same shit that u all talk about. We all cant b imagining the same stuff. I been acting like i dont c them when ppl r round but im. Idk. I thought i lost it. Maybe we all r

  16. Tom says:

    Update – My posts are dated Decembr 23, 2016 and January 9, 2017. I do not know who the Tom is that posted on January 15, 2017. Nic has been on the oral dose 19 days now. The edema in her feet, ankles and hands is gone again. We are assuming all her worms are dead by now. Will need to wait a few weeks to see how many dead worms are in her skin, but my infestation was much more pervasive than hers. The dead worms are extremely itchy and painful to scratch, dig and rip out. Many of my spots are wads or balls of dozens of dead worms. When I can scratch up a corner, I try to rip the whole ball out. It leaves a big hole in my skin. And yes, I bleed a lot when digging them out.

  17. Tom says:

    My nightnare just took a hard turn down hill. My septic clogged up so i rented a backhoe dug a new line abd while installing my ditch filled w water. Jumped down to lay pipe and tjere was ab inch layer of them in the water. I got a full dose. I didnt think i would live. They get a lot bigger ppl. In the ground r some almost a foot long and very fat. The clarkia recipe is working but my attic is loaded. I have video. U wont believe.

  18. Feel like I’m going crazy I was able to take as pic of something that put I guess a stinger in me but have these black dots under my skins which r hard to dig out getting sores and it shots pain thru my hands like numbing or shock feeling seems like it’s clear liquid sometimes cause the skin around my finger nails will harden nasty my arms n hands hurt I feel them on my face ears hairline n eyebrows sometimes it seems as you can see the oily imprint on u .

  19. Tom says:

    Update. I still have dozens of wads of dead worms coming out of my skin. The past 6 weeks have been the worst of my recovery. I’ve noticed wads of dead worms in my stool. Have been getting diarrhea and massive amounts of gas so have to go to bathroom at least 10 times a day.
    I think I’m getting dead worms coming out in my lungs too because I get coughing fits and cough up a stringy slim, which I’ve also noticed in my stool. When I’m coughing up the slime, I also throw up or get the dry heaves.
    The dead worms are so itchy I can’t sleep without taking sleep supplements and drinking enough to basically pass out. And while I don’t like to drink so much, getting the sleep is really important.
    But I think I’m almost done with this worst part because the past few days I haven’t noticed dead worms in my stool,
    Don’t cough up as much slime and haven’t dry heaved. Also noticed just the past day, no more diarrhea and not as much gas.
    We still get the black and brown things in our skin. A good way to get them to come out and kill them is to put a drop of Lugol’s iodine on a bandage and put it on them and just leave it a couple days. Also on scabs because there will be black things under the scab if you scratch it off. The Lugols will make the scab and black things come out.
    We just ordered some Kleen Green enzyme concentrate that we’ve read some people are having success with. Also, we notice a big reduction in the black and brown things when we sprinkle salt all over the house. This is in addition to the constant cleaning etc. after sweeping or vacuuming, sprinkle salt.

  20. sick in the original 13 colonies says:

    I can only say that I too suffer from this and thanks to the VA system and “modern western medicine” I too am not believed. I am labeled a person suffering from Delusional Parasitosis for the past 5 years.
    Little black spots, larger brown ones and white triangle looking things have plagued me for quite a while.
    I moved from the mid-west back to my place of origin having spent nearly three decades in Southern Arizona. (I mention that because it seems as though several of you are from Phoenix and I lived 150 miles south of you.)
    I was going through a horrible divorce in 2011, of which I find irrelevant. Anyway, my brother moved mom back here, to our original neck of the woods just 6 mos prior to my coming to live with her. My mom passed away in 2015, she was almost 80 and missed that by just 3 days. Prior to her death, we were both exposed to black mold and along with that my mother had emphysema, dementia. Before her passing, I kept noticing these black spots around the apt. in the spackling that left tiny bubble holes. Then I noticed these tiny white triangles that when squeezed they would just turn greasy. They were at my niece’s apt and now they were in ours, in my laptop amongst other places in the apt. too. No one believed me and just passed it off as crazy, sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well my PCP, therapist and psychologist all gave me the diagnosis of D.P. No matter how many “samples of these THINGS”, no matter how many blood tests (neg), no matter how many stool samples (neg), no matter how many videos (just the light from the phone shining, nothing real, i was told), the diagnosis stood.
    After mom’s passing, I moved into this very clean wonderful place in which I have made many friends; a few close ones. No one here knows about this, but they often wonder why I’m not out and about like a person my age should be. Well, that’s explainable as I have several health conditions that cause pain among other things. So i just use that as an answer.
    So, yea and so what about our unsuspecting friends and acquaintances?
    They are doing nothing about it, so I am now willing to try detox remedies after spending oh just thousands of dollars on quick “cure alls” which only cures their already full pockets and does nothing to this damn unforsaken dis ease that I believe we are all facing.
    You wouldn’t believe the things I have tried to get rid of these little suckers. But since the war isn’t acknowledged as a war, I am now on my own to fight. I told my PCP that I am not giving up on this and he said, “I know you’re not.”

  21. Jeffrey Boobar says:

    These visitors have morphed into so many unique monsters since it began for me. They mimic other diseases to fool you long enough to become something else. I’m Jeffrey from Texas ( Austin area). It started in may of 2019 at a State park I was a volunteer event interterpriter. Just like the rest of you I thought it was ringworm -scabies-hair worm- camouflage crab electric shaver mouthed red eyed hook tailed alien intelligent man killing creature from hell .Well they grew to a extreme size,visible thru my skin moving thru me with every meal I ate. Fearing certain death I tried another poison. The list of which would be its own pamphlet. Anyway I am now only fight maybe 1 or 2 in my scalp. It keeps tying my hair in knots.Ps. I did physically fight one in my face that entered my eye socket just a few months ago. I need to take a break but will explain more later this evening.

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